Fees For Individual Account



Transaction Fees
Merchant to IndividualFree
Individual to MerchantFree
Individual to Individual (As Receiver)0.25% / transaction
International Bank Wire DepositFree
International Bank Wire Withdrawal0.5% total wired amount (min EUR35.00)
Maintenance Fees
Monthly Account Upkeep Free
Account Dormancy Fee EUR15.00
(Applied after 90 days of no transactions)
Account Closure Fee EUR10.00
Miscellaneous Fees
FX Rate Oriental Wallet Contractual Exchange Rate
Withdrawal Cancellation Fee EUR50.00
Bank Transfer Cancellation Fee Based on actual bank fees
Chargeback FeeBased on actual provider fees
Maximum Internal Transfer Amount No Amount Limit
Maximum External Wire Amount (Withdrawal)EUR50,000.00 / transaction

(For Merchant Users, please notify our Support Team for the specific pricing.)